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This part of the Wealth and Honor Website is still under construction. Online courses will be rolled out as they are completed for production. Check back soon.

What You Need to Know Online Lessons

These core lessons are designed to help families and their advisors have informed discussions about the financial and personal challenges of age transitions.  Each lesson is only 10-15 minutes long and includes both video and downloadable written materials that support each lesson. Work through them at your own pace with your family or advisor team. Check out the Forum for discussions that may give you even more insight.

Unit 1: Working With Older Adults

In this module, you will learn some of the skills needed to work with older adults and how maintain dignity and honor.

  1. The Journey of Aging
  2. Ageism: What it is and how to avoid it
  3. Capacity, Consent, and Undue Influence
  4. Elder Financial Abuse

Unit 3: People

In this module, we'll discuss what you need to know about the important People in your parents' lives and the roles that these people play.

  1. Family 
  2. Friends
  3. Physicians
  4. Business Partners
  5. Professional Advisors

Unit 5: Programs

Next we'll take an in depth look into the various Programs that your parents may participate in such as social security, medicare, pensions, and veterans benefits.

  1. Social Security benefits
  2. Medicare
  3. Medigap Insurance
  4. Medicaid
  5. Veterans Benefits

Unit 2: Starting the Conversation

In this module, I'll discuss some of the challenges with starting a conversation with your parents about their finances.

  1. Family Dynamics
  2. Wealth and Honor
  3. How Much Do You Need to Know?
  4. Seven Conversation Starters

Unit 4: Property

This module focuses on the types of Property, how they may be titled, and how title affects the transfer of that property when the owner dies.

  1. Types of Property
  2. Holding Title
  3. Joint Tenancy Issues
  4. Beneficiary Property
  5. Trust Owned Property

Unit 6 Plans

This last module examines the Plans that your parents either have made or need to make while they are independent.

  1. Plans for diminished capacity
  2. Plans for healthcare and end of life decisions
  3. Plans for long term care
  4. Plans for funeral and memorial arrangements
  5. Plans for estate distribution