Custom Reports

Do you need information that is specific to your facts? I've put together a library of custom financial planning reports that you can order here. These reports require input from you about your fact situation and include information about the subject matter your report addresses.  There are two types of reports that you can order. Comprehensive Analysis reports require more data input and include downloadable fact-finders for you to complete and send to us. We will then complete the analysis report based on the data you provide and send it to you when it is complete.


Comprehensive Analysis Reports
Report Name Description Fact-Finder Sample
Retirement Analysis A useful report for those five years or more from retirement. This report illustrates how on-track you are towards reaching your retirement goals and includes helpful information on  social security retirement strategies. Download View
Survivorship Analysis This report analyzes the fiancial impact of the death of a spouse on the family. It considers immediate cash needs for debt payoff, college funding needs for minor dependents, and the surviving spouse's income needs.  Download View
Long Term Care Analysis The report looks at the financial impact of a long term care event on available resources and includes helpful information on long term care options. Download View
Disabilty Analysis Baby Boomers who are still working have a greater risk of a disability than death. This report looks at whether there are resources available to meet income needs during a period of disability for either spouse. Download View



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